Khansa Dzalfayla Effendi, simply known as Khansa Dzalfayla or monoymously as Immune, is an Indonesian writer, specializing in novel writing, scriptwriting, poetry, handlettering, and songwriting. Dzalfayla started her writing journey since she was 8, which she considered it as "something inherited from my mother and grandfather", and since then she has made various writing projects. In 2020, Dzalfayla even started having her own website, where she frequently write articles, stories, and poems there. She also speaks in two languages, English and Indonesian.

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“The intense width of the fan covers my face…” photo source from my Instagram post

The intense cloud covers the mountains;
the wind swirling over the trees.
The rain falls to every part of the earth;
fading all the afternoon fogs.

The intense width of the fan covers my face;
walking over the people's crowd.
Not being shy, nor hiding something;
just giving a sharp look to everyone.

The intense trouble covers my past;
wounding my soul, leave a deep scar on my heart.
But I will stop at nothing to take revenge;
you will regret of what you have done.



Hello there! I’m coming back with some news — I will tell you that we will announce our People of the Year 2021 very soon!

Why “People of the Year”, instead of “Person”? The clue is, I will choose two people as our People of the Year for this year. Can anyone guess who they are? So, stay tuned at December 26, at 8 PM (GMT+7) to find out more!

Regards, Khansa Dzalfayla



When we've separated
Please remember
when we touched our hands
when you placed your arm
at my shoulder

When I wish you're here
Please remember
when we made us laughing
when you argued with me
Now we know, we understand

When you see our photos
Please remember
when we had live
in the same universe
when I realize I have to be grateful

When you're try to approach me
Please remember
That's what I'm thankful for
That's what our story begins
That's what united us, today

–Immune, 2021



Step on my back

And stand up as high as you can

I’m strong, and you believe that

And I always can hold your feet

Sit on my shoulder

And wander as far as you can

I’m unstoppable, and you never doubt that

And I’ll always walk along your journey

Hold on my spine

And lift yourself as you want

I’m unbreakable, and you know that

And I’m happy seeing you on top

Khansa “Immune" Dzalfayla, 2020



Khansa Dzalfayla (Immune)

Khansa Dzalfayla (Immune)

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