Still remember them? Yeah, those are our People of the Year 2021, Sonia Dara and Mike Morton.

Dreaming of Sonia Dara and Mike Morton

As my last article in 2021, I want to talking a little bit more about our People of the Year 2021, Sonia Dara and Mike Morton, that I announced days earlier. One thing I want to talk here is something that… maybe I just forgot to tell you in my previous article — about another thing that made them to be chosen as our People of the Year.

That one thing is… I’ve ever dreamed of them! In separate moments.

How amazed am I to them, until I can dreamed them?

Alright, let’s go to the point — time to tell when I dreamed them, and its chronology.

First, I’ve dreamed of Mike. I felt like I’m in an event, which includes a lot of people. From afar, I could see Mike among those people. I remember how I felt energized that time. Then, we (all people, including Mike and I) are guided to enter a room in the lower floor. Along the way in the corridor, I looked for him and when I found him, I nudged him with my elbow, and smiling to him :D (I think it didn’t polite yet, as I realizing that he’s (may be) middle-aged 😅). And then when we entered the room, I sat behind him (but not it the same row, to be honest) and surprisingly he smiled at me! Ahhhhh!!! :)

Well, the trigger which made I can dreamed like that is, I saw him giggled just a moment before he introduced the Fluid Framework at Microsoft Build 2019. It happened after Divya Kumar, whose presenting before him, said “over to you, Mike” as the camera moves. Believe me, dear, Mike’s smile and laugh are very contagious. I instantly giggled to when seeing him giggling!

Then I’ve dreamed of Mike again, almost two months after the first dream I met him (the first happened in mid-September), precisely days after Directions EMEA 2021. That time, I walked with him at a fair. We really enjoyed that time, until we realized that I have to go home. He brought me to my group, and as I walked away, he said goodbye to me while waving his hands. Uniquely, along my journey with him, I saw him wearing the same clothes like the photo I’ll show you below.

This! The last time I’ve dreamed of Mike, I saw him wearing this outfit. And I still don’t know why. Source: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central on Twitter

And then, I’ve dreamed about Sonia. Yeah, I really meet her that time! 🙃 Let’s see the chronology: I was in a village, when a person (but not Sonia, though) told me about a plague that can make people and animals “disappear”. They said, if there’s a group of birds flying around you, and then you hear something unusual, you must be careful. And a moment after, a little girl said she heard an unusual voice when a group of birds approach us. And the chaos is begin! We were very panic, run as fast as we can. Then I enter a house and that’s where I met Sonia. And soon, I, Sonia, and a friend of hers trying to survive that plague. But it were too long to explain, to be honest 🥲 But I remember how I can feel safe when Sonia is around me.

One thing that is feel hard to understand in this case, it’s just as same as in the last time I’ve dreamed about Mike — yeah, it’s about Sonia’s outfit! I saw her wearing the same blouse that she wear in the Microsoft Build conference in 2019 (you can see the photo of her wearing that blouse in the very beginning of this article, or in a photo below).

Yeah, I saw Sonia wearing this blouse when I’ve dreamed of her! This photo is a screenshot from the Azure Speech Service demo at Microsoft Build 2019.

But I have no idea about the reason why I can dreamed of her. Once again, I have no idea.

And finally, I thought once again, all of these dreams are one of the reason why I chose Sonia and Mike as our People of the Year. Their influence really gives a huge impact for me. Yeah, something that I said before, maybe I forgot to tell you in my previous article.

And, as it’s my last article in 2021, posted in the last day of 2021, I want to wish you a happy New Year! I hope we can imagine, build, and empower better in 2022!

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